i miss…

May 15, 2009 at 1:18 am (About me)

i miss so much & it’s so stupid how everything changes as we grow older, how we grow apart from the people who are supposed to be your best friends “forever” when forever only lasts 3 months and then everything falls apart. i just want everything back. i wish i didn’t make those stupid mistakes & ruin a lot of my friendships. but as i think about it, those mistakes made so many of the friendships i have now stronger. like me and my friend lindsay, we would NEVER have been as great as friends as we are now. she’s going to be a person i’ll cry over at graduation. i won’t miss a lot of people, but her? YES! suure, she’s  only a block away but she’s going to a different highschool … who will i copy off of in math class? who will help me with social studies when i need to know what the test that we’re about to take is about. NOT HER BECAUSE SHE’S NOT GOING TO THE SAME HIGHSCHOOL. i mean we don’t hangout as much out of school, but i can trust her with my life. she’s amazing and i love her. i tend to get off topic ALOT. haha, well i miss how you can becme friends with someone without even caring who they are or where they come from. i miss the “old days” when boys didn’t care if you had big boobs but just liked you because you were cool to hangout with. i miss those days the most for sure. i miss the days that everyone could be together and everyone would play together. i miss a lot of things that i’ll never get back. :/


i miss this thing called … happiness.


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