i know i know

May 6, 2009 at 10:49 pm (About me)

i’ve realized i haven’t posted in a while. still trying to grasp the past month. it’s been one of the worst monthes of my life. i’ve been through alot in my lifetime, trust me when i say A LOT! but lately i just want to give up. and today, today was the topping on the cake, the tip of the iceberg. today, i realized i can’t wait to graduate. i just can’t deal with my so-called “friends” at my school. everyone is so two-faced. oh sure, i’m yuur bestfriend but then you turn around and talk shit? no, i don’t roll like that. i’m surprised i’ve made it this long. also, when my real friends hurt, i hurt. when you call my friend a whore, etc. when that’s completely rude and not true at all, i get mad. i mean, come on? i’m sorry she’s dating the guy you like. SHIT HAPPENS! maybe he’ll be dating you next week! whatever. srsly? i cannot wait for highschool, even though it’ll prbly be worse. but getting away from half of these fools will be fine with me.

once again, thank you for letting me vent to you. it gives me a chance to say things i can’t to people because i can’t trust people. hahaha BUT I TRUST THE INTERNET! oh, that made me laugh.

good day.


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