venting #2

April 18, 2009 at 4:58 am (About me)

venting is something i do a lot. well i don’t really vent to people, i vent in many ways ; screaming in my pillow, writing songs, writing in journal about what happened or writing here. so here i go venting, again…

alrighty i have this friend, lets call her Mary. she’s been one of my best friends for 2 years now. she used to be the popularest in our class. then she did some stuff and lets just say she’s not as popular i mean she’s okay now. but like okay, people see her as me and my friend’s LEADER? i mean i DON’T want to be a follower. i’m not really a follower tho cuz i drift away from that group alot. but still, and she’s the who ALWAYS gets the guy, you know the guy you’ve had a majorly obsessive crush on for like years. ; yah, she’s been there and done that …prbly twice. what i’m venting about is ; she’s like my ‘main’ bestfriend, you know the person who pretty much tell everything to. like your main person. but she has a ‘main’ bestfriend, lets say her name is Luci. and luci is alright i mean, i think she’s shady and lies and makes up a ton of shiit. but ya know other than that she’s okay. and they’re bffs. but like when it come downs to it ; mary is ALWAYS going to pick luci. and i want a person who will tell me stuff, i don’t want someone who i tell stuff to and she dont tell me anything, she just goes to her bff. and then like my other friend, lets call her Courtney, she was like my #2 ‘main’ person, but i screw shiit up and now she has 2 bffs[me not one of them] i mean i’m her friend. but yahhh… and then theres lets call her Cassandra, she’s really into acting and singing and doing plays. i am too, but she’s not very socialable i mean TRUST ME she tries to be, she just doesnt know how to talk to people. and like she’s nice and i love her but she just gets annoying, ya know. i mean i love her but yah. i guess what i’m venting about is i want that bestfriend and i don’t want to be known as a follower.

i am the leader of my own life. hahahaha


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