April 10, 2009 at 4:29 am (About me)

i feel the need to vent. i need to speak my mind somewhere, and twitter has letter limit….

okay, i’m the person everyone comes to with their problems and comes to when they need to laugh or smile. and i don’t mind it, until i take a step back and realize how much i know something about everyone. it’s scary! i don’t like the feeling but in a way i feel cool, but like i feel shady. i feel awkward. my teacher even called me a gossipqueen. which i took VERY offensively! i mean i don’t tell people. i just know alot about everyone and everything. and the thing is, i know alot about other people, but i dont know anything about me, WHO AM I? i’m so confused and feel misled. i just want answers but i want my mind cleared, i don’t want to know anything about anyone and start over. weird to say, i miss 5 & 6th grade when everyone d me and i had no friends and no one talked to me.

lost and confused…


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