March 30, 2009 at 1:37 am (About me)

i think my favorite thing to do when i’m bored or something, like my absolute all around favorite thing to do is to sit in my basement alone, in the dark with only the tv light and the computer screen light while wrapped in a blanket. i’m scared of the dark so it’s pretty scary. i love my hair naturally curly. i love when it’s curly and i have my hair down and i can just run my hands through it over and over. i love when no one talks to you and you feel invisible but happy. i love going to concerts and meeting people. i love dancing around my room to my favorite music. i love writing songs that actually make sense and make me smile or remember the moment i was going through when i wrote it. i love ffinding new music that no one else i know knows of. i love things that other people . my favorite color is gray. my favorite subject is history. my favorite numbers are 7,11,12 and 20. my favorite movie is the guardian and 27 dresses. my favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. my favorite band is fall out boy & the academy is… my favorite singer is demi lovato. i love being home alone. i like sitting in dark corners. my nails are never long. my current obsession is wearing converse and skinny jeans. i wish i had more skinny jeans and v-neck shirts. i want to go shopping. i wish this recessionDEPRESSIOn was over. i wish world hunger would end and world peace would begin. i wish mother earth would feel better and life would be how it was back in the 50’s. i wish i could wear neon skinny jeans and not care what people think of me. i pray my grandpas would be alive to watch my graduate. i want to learn to play without the hardwork and the hours of practice. i want to be able to sing without being in the shadow of my friend. i want to follow my dreams without any exception. i want to be me.



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  1. matt said,

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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