Awkward day…

March 27, 2009 at 9:16 pm (About me)

I’m pretty sure none of you want to even bother reading this but tonight will be kind of awkward… I’ve never really been the type of to really have a boyfriend. and if i ever did it lasts a day, but it’s almost going on 2 weeks and i’m going to see a movie with him and one of my bestfriends. i mean i’m the type of who has the bestfriend who gets every guy while i just stand there and try to look pretty. but now, i’m kind of taken by surprise …i’ve known the guy since preschool … he’s a little annoying but he can be so sweet. it’s been awhile since i’ve actually seen him, since he changed schools but we talk alot and we’ve been like best friends the past few months so he asked me out two weeks ago and i said yes (obviously) only a few people know …i like it that way. but i just know this is going to be awkward ; i bailed on him last weekend because my friend couldnt go and so tonight i’m like fosho going ; nervous racking. like i’m not going to try and go all out, not being myself but gah.


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