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March 24, 2009 at 2:45 am (About me)

after a 12 1/2 hour after of school & the school musical practice …i’m well overcooked. lol. we’re reading THE REVEALERS in school, i honestly believe it’s one of the best books i’ve ever read [so far]. it gives so much detail about hardship there is in junior high/middle school [and/or] high school. i’m only half way through it but it’s amazing. i highly recommend it to the 2 people who read this “blog”.

as i’ve stated a lot before …i write. i’m not at all good enough yet to call myself “a writer” because that would be just putting the word to shame. but the phrase that has caught my attention, after i thought it and wrote it down is … “i’m just forgotten in the corner’s shadow.” i, personaly, think it’s one of my best lines i’ve ever written. i look up to a lot of writers – my top two are William Beckett(as i’ve stated before, lol) and Pete Wentz. both have different styles of writing, Pete has a little more strange ways of writing and a lot of people don’t catch the meanings of the songs he writes but either way i still think it’s pure genius. and william beckett on the other hand, i think he’s a little more deep into writing. the lyrics/poems he writes are so deep and intact. – if that makes any sense? i don’t know. i look up to them so check out their songs from the bands FALL OUT BOY and THE ACADEMY IS… ; you won’t regret it. ;]

now i’m going to get forgotten in the corner’s shadow for the next couple of days while i get through my school’s musical so … i’ll make it up to you(the 2 people that read this) by putting up either a poem or a song i’ve written. [:


P.S. -comments would make my day ;]


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