Friday Nights

February 14, 2009 at 5:00 am (About me)

–last year, every (and i mean EVERY) friday night, my friends Maggie and Liam would come over & we’d watch movies, order DOMINOS and make stupid videos.

Tonight – Liam came over, and we watched GOOD BURGER. If you met me and him, you’d know we have a 4 year old sense of humor. We think everything and anything is funny. Especially Liam …oh man, he laughs if someone says poop. Well, anyways WATCH GOOD BURGER!!!! Then after we watched that AWESOME movie, we walked on my back porch & it was SNOWING! …no dur, winter in Chicago… WHO KNEW?! haha (BTW – OBAMA FLEW OVER MY HOUSE!!!!!!!) well, i started spinning around singing “lalala” or whatever I was singing and we decided HEY! let’s make another stupid video …well we did a music/dance video – mostly me just singing while spinning in a circle. The other was about FRIDAY THE 13TH … i have NO idea what i said in that …but Liam LOVES to humilate me so it’ll be up by midnight tonight lol.

Either way, tonight reminded me of all last year.
AND FACT: one year today, I met the person who royally fuucked up my life over summer. LOVE YOU HOLLY ….not.



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