My mom

February 7, 2009 at 7:35 am (About me) ()

I wrote a very short essay on who influenced me the most in my life for English class, I think it’s kind of good so I thought ‘why don’t I post it?’ so here it is :

My Mom

–>The person who has influenced me the most in my life, has to be my mother. She’s the most caring and loving person I know. She’s always been there for me whenever I need her most. She’s the one person I always knew I could trust and count on. Without her I don’t know where I’d be.
–>Her care and understanding has taught me so much on how to be a better friend. She’s taught me how to keep a secret, no matter how much you want to tell people, she always reminds me that I wouldn’t want someone telling my secrets so I should respect other’s wishes.
–>My mom is more than just a mother to me. She’s my best friend. Even though sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, she takes the time to listen to what I’m actually trying to say. She’s taught me how to be a better listener and how to care for others by doing this.
–>Watching her go to work everyday, even sometimes when she’s not feeling at her best helps me realize what sacrifices it takes to raise a family. After a hard day at work, she always comes home and makes a nice homemade dinner. She’s an All-American mom.
–>As you can see, she’s more than influenced me, she’s guided me through life. But more than as a mother, as a friend. I honestly have no idea where I’d be right now without her. Her love and support is something I will treasure forever. She’s made me the person I am today and I love her for it.


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