My writings

February 6, 2009 at 11:32 pm (About me)

…I write a lot, and if I’m just not clicking with writing, I draw. I love coloring, I’m not kidding, I’m seriously like a little kid. FACT: My older sister and I bought 2 coloring books for ourselves at Target a few days ago. I’m almost done with mine. And just for the record, CRAYONS TOTALLY BEAT MARKERS! …no doubt about it. Well, while I could be out going to see Paul Blart: Mall Cop …which I’ve been DYING to go see, no. I’m a hermit. I seriously am starting to think I have no true friends. Well, I have 2. But one is sick and the other, we never know where she is. I just don’t mind staying in on Fridays nights and writing and doing homework. I’m weird. Live with it. I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR GRAMMYS THIS SUNDAY THOUGH!!!!!! LOL.

–>Well, back on topic – my writings. I write alot, as stated before and I’ll sometimes here and there put a poem or a song on. And maybe if I stop being lazy one day and finally upload things to my computer I’ll put some pictures of my drawings. But if I ever do, keep in mind …I have no artist ability. I just always have a picture of eyes in my mind, I don’t know whose they are but I always draw eyes and vampires. I’m good at draw vampires, I used to be amazed by them when I was younger. My friends and I weren’t what people would call normal. Awe, I miss Theresa, Marissa and Alex. Those were some really good friends. I still have Danielle from that group. “FANTASTIC FIVE!” …awe man, good ol’ days.



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